Business Introduction
In the current new situation of energy transformation and natural gas industry system reform, we should give full play to the benefits of resource synergy, vigorously promote natural gas distributed energy, regional energy supply, microgrid (incremental distribution network), new energy vehicle charging pile, energy engineering technical services and contract energy management, build a smart energy information management platform to intelligently manage the energy supply system, and realize multi energy complementarity and collaborative supply, Provide users with clean, economic, safe and stable high-quality energy, improve energy utilization, achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, create a mutually beneficial energy supply business ecosystem, and gradually change to the most valuable comprehensive energy service provider.
Development concept

Taking users as the center and starting from their needs, we will gradually build a diversified, low-carbon, intelligent, safe, clean and efficient new energy system. Provide users with more efficient, stable, safer, more convenient, cleaner and economic comprehensive energy services.

Business positioning

Using intelligent information technology, carry out the development, investment, construction and operation of projects such as distributed energy, regional energy supply, incremental distribution network and new energy vehicle charging piles, as well as contract energy management and energy technology services.

Scope of business

Zhongyu smart energy group makes use of solar energy, geothermal renewable energy, hydrogen energy and other clean energy, through multi energy complementary technologies such as distributed energy, photovoltaic, fuel cell, energy storage, heat pump, incremental distribution network, smart energy management and control platform, and combined with flexible business models such as boo, BOT, EMC, BT, EPC, etc., focusing on industrial parks Large public buildings (data centers, airport stations, hospitals, schools, commercial complexes, etc.), rural residents and other users provide professional comprehensive smart energy services.

Business Module
01 Investment Business
02 Project Lifecycle Business
Value Embodiment
User value

Reduce primary investment pressure

Reduce energy cost

Realize both early-stage investment and energy consumption cost, which is safer, more reliable and greener

Regional value

Realize the parallel improvement of energy ratio, energy utilization efficiency, facility utilization efficiency and resource allocation efficiency

Solve overall problems, improve regional quality and enhance customer attraction

Create business cards for developers and help scale promotion

social value

Reduce government investment in energy infrastructure

Drive the fundamental upgrading of the energy system

Further reduce air pollution and improve environmental quality

Build national demonstration projects to provide guidance for the development and sustainable development of ecological towns

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