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Investment Business
Distributed photovoltaic

Comprehensively promote the "integration of light storage", and guide the industry to string beads into chains, cluster chains, and cluster into potential. By the end of 2023, 60MW of distributed PV has been invested and some PV projects have been allocated and stored, with a total investment of 220 million yuan.

Charging facilities

Nearly 100 charging facilities for motor vehicles and non motor vehicles have been completed in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Jilin and other places

Regional energy supply + industrial energy supply

Focus on implementing centralized steam supply, industrial boiler hosting and biomass energy supply projects in the park. By the end of 2023, the planned total investment of Yongcheng Industrial cluster centralized steam supply project is 180 million yuan, and the investment has been completed by more than 62 million yuan, with an hourly steam supply capacity of 100 tons. Achieved more than 160 enterprises boiler trusteeship, annual steam sales of 950,000 tons; Two biomass energy supply demonstration projects have been built.

Building energy supply

Using geothermal and other renewable energy, in Henan and other places to provide heating and cooling for hospitals, colleges, offices, residents and other different types of buildings, with an energy supply area of nearly one million square meters.

Preparation and utilization of hydrogen energy

Laying out the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy "production, storage, transportation and use" - building a comprehensive demonstration station for hydrogenation, refueling and charging in Puyang; Promote the comprehensive utilization project of hydrogen extraction from Jiyuan coke oven gas, and actively carry out research on hydrogen blending and hydrogen transport schemes in natural gas pipelines to build a "hydrogen economy" in the whole scene.

Incremental distribution network

Zhongyu Jiyuan Yuchuan Industrial Cluster "source network load storage integration" project is the third batch of incremental power distribution business reform pilot determined by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration, Henan Province "source network load storage integration" demonstration project. The project plans a total investment of about 1 billion yuan, the first phase of the project 110KV related power distribution facilities completed and put into operation, the power supply of 754 million kWh; Subsequently, in accordance with the "integration of source and network load and storage" plan, the distribution network will be gradually improved, and renewable energy such as wind power and photovoltaic will be introduced to provide green electricity for more enterprises in the park and reduce energy costs for enterprises.

Project Life Cycle Business
System planning

Entrusted by relevant government departments and companies, the group has successively completed the regional distributed energy planning of Shanxi Province, Tongling City, Zhongxin eco city, Zhongxin knowledge city and so on.

Project consultation

The group has completed dozens of distributed energy feasibility studies for China Huadian, Beijing gas, China gas, CNOOC, state power investment, PetroChina, Sinopec and other units, and large-scale projects have passed the review of the National Electricity Planning Institute.

engineering design

He undertook the design work of Jilin Songyuan Middle East Mall, Beijing North Seven TBD Business Park, Hainan Xiangtai Fishery, Jiangxi Jingan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a large number of charging stations and photovoltaic projects within the group.

Project implementation and management

We can provide customers with engineering consulting, equipment procurement, mechanical and electrical installation, engineering EPC general contracting and other whole process engineering implementation and management services. In 11 provinces, 84 projects were successfully implemented, covering 12 different forms of energy solutions such as distributed energy, regional energy supply, distributed photovoltaic, and hydrogen energy.

operation management

Established a scientific and efficient project operation and management mechanism, and undertook the operation and management of distributed energy projects such as Beijing Gas Building, Huadian Headquarters Base, and Xinmi Maternal and Child Health Hospital for more than ten years; To achieve long-term safe and stable operation of more than 80 projects of various business types within the group, such as photovoltaic power stations, charging stations, and building energy supply.

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